User Account Registration

A NYC.ID account must be established before you can create a Cover Page. The same account can be established for everyone in a company (or an office of a company). The combination of NYC.ID email and Profile ID ensures (a) the user enters the correct Profile ID and (b) when retrieving documents for modification, the user can only retrieve and modify Cover Pages they created.




Step-by-Step Guide:


1.   Email: To create a new NYC.ID account, enter the Email.

2.   Password: and Confirm Password: Enter a password and confirm the password for the NYC.ID account.

3.   Security Question #1, #2, #3: Select the Security Questions for the account.

4.   Answer #1, #2, #3: Enter the answers for the Security Questions.  The answers will allow the customer to log in and change the password if the password is lost.

Click the CREATE ACCOUNT button to create an account and an email is sent to the Email address for verification.  The following screen is displayed.